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Why You Need A Managed Hosting And Maintenance Service

Why You Need a Managed Hosting and Maintenance Service

Hosting and maintaining an excellent website for your business is critically important. Now more than ever, consumers are seeking out business through the internet, so your online presence has never been more essential to your success. In fact, over 75% of people are shopping online at least once a month. Clearly, having a high-quality website is a huge asset in connecting with your potential customers. However, there are few critical aspects of having a website that can be difficult to manage on your own. This includes hosting and maintaining your website.

Website Hosting

Why You Need A Managed Hosting And Maintenance ServiceWebsite hosting is hugely important to the health of your website, but it can be challenging to learn and manage. Here at WW Web Design Studios, we offer a hosting plan which includes all of the following.

  • Enterprise infrastructure managed by data center specialists
  • Live malware scanning and reporting
  • Custom firewall rules to protect against hackers and viruses
  • Vulnerability scanning, testing, and reporting
  • Dedicated resources for robust memory and I/O needs
  • Monitoring of any errors and fixes applied when needed
  • Automated backup system in place
  • SSL certificate included with the latest encryption and security

Clearly, you want a website hosting service that is reliable, highly available, secure, and hassle-free to ensure your website keeps operating at full capacity at all times. You need an expert who understands all the ins and outs of website hosting. We offer all of this and more at WW Web Design Studios.

Website Maintenance

Every website needs regular updates and attention to keep everything running smoothly. Here at WW Web Design Studios, we have four main components of a website we focus on when conducting website maintenance.

Theme Updates

Our mission is that your WordPress website built by us always works effectively and looks professional on any device. By keeping your theme safely up to date, we make sure that your site will be 100% compatible with future WordPress releases. We always test the upcoming beta version of WordPress many weeks in advance to fix any potential problem with our themes. As for every software, it is essential to keep your WordPress site always up to date with the latest versions of WordPress, plugins, and themes to protect against security vulnerabilities.

Plugin Updates

Keep your website compatible with the WordPress plugin ecosystem. The web is unfortunately not a safe place. Hackers constantly find new ways to infect servers. With regular updates, we always ensure that the plugins used in developing your website are as secure and protected as possible.

Security Monitoring and Malware Scanning

We have installed a malware and plugin vulnerability scanner. This alerts us immediately if there is any weak point on your site that can cause you to get hacked.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Web technologies and devices are evolving fast. That’s why many of our updates are related to those compatibility fixes to make sure that your website will be nicely displayed on all browsers and mobile devices.

eCommerce Updates & Compatibility

We use WooCommerce to build your eCommerce website, which is normally updated on a monthly basis. Some major releases will cause conflicts with the extensions we might have installed to build out your online shop. This requires us to test before major releases are updated to your website.


In conclusion, hosting and maintaining a website takes an immense amount of time, effort, and skill. Here at WW Web Design Studios, we offer the expertise you need to help keep your business’s website running smoothly.

Feel confident hosting your business-critical website or applications in data centers with 100% availability guaranteed. We partner with Tier 1 backbone providers to create a highly resilient enterprise-grade infrastructure managed by networking and data center specialists.

Not every project is created equal, so why should every hosting and managing plan? At WW Web Studios, we specialize in understanding your goals and engineering a tailored solution that helps you reach your business goals faster. Learn more and contact us today!

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