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ActiveSync Local SEO Marketing

Take control of your Local SEO and synchronize your business across 150+ digital services.


Google. Google Maps. Amazon Alexa. Apple Maps. Facebook. Bing. Yahoo. Yelp. It doesn’t matter which map, app, voice assistant, search engine, GPS system, or social network consumers use to find and engage with your business. What matters is that they discover accurate, complete, and compelling information at every turn.


With ActiveSync Listings, you have direct integrations with publisher partners to ensure that the data you store in your Knowledge Graph is accurate everywhere consumers search.


ActiveSync Duplicate Suppression process finds and suppresses duplicate listings at the publisher-level, so consumers never see or hear incorrect data about your business.


There are a vast number of business circumstances that demand “day & date,” real-time updates in order to keep customers informed updated in many cases within seconds.


The minute you go live with ActiveSync Listings, we automatically scan, locate, and claim your existing business listings on services in the Knowledge Network keeping it in sync always.


View how often your listings appear in search, how many people click from those search results to learn more, the terms for which your locations appears to consumers, and much more.


Once ActiveSync is matched, claimed, and locked your listings from being updated by any source other than you, providing direct integrations to keep you in control at all times.

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We have witnessed a massive shift in the platforms consumers use to find and engage with information about your business. Simple links and organic results are now replaced by intelligent answers in maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks.

These AI-powered services have created an entirely new channel where customers can engage with your business – and it’s now the biggest channel in use by consumers.

3 out of 4 consumers are going to utilize 3rd-party platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp, rather than your website, to find and look up your business information. A business listing with all fields completed across these platforms receives on average: 347% more searches, 214% more Yelp page views and 416% more listing views. That’s about 2.7x the exposure, and ActiveSync can ensure you get it.

Your business information is being viewed mostly via 3rd-party platforms. The more complete this information is across those platforms, the greater your exposure and chance of conversion. With ActiveSync, when you update your business information once, it’s updated everywhere, instantly. Are you in control of the 3rd-party information the vast majority of your customers are engaging with?



Activesync Local Marketing

ActiveSync can publish, sync and update your business listings across over 100 platforms from one place, instantly, but that’s just the beginning of the platform’s value. In addition to its powerful business listing information management, ActiveSync can also:

Generate, publish, monitor and respond to reviews across various platforms.
Push business information to aggregators who publish it to thousands of directories.
Enrich your website with schema which is directly interpreted more thoroughly by search engines like Google.
Provide detailed analytics about how your customers are engaging with your business information across platforms.
Compare your business listing information and performance to your competitors.


In the realm of data management across multiple websites, traditional API solutions have long promised the convenience of centralized control. However, these promises often remain elusive dreams. These solutions tend to come with rigid network structures that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, accompanied by exorbitant fees and the requirement to “rent” your listings. Unfortunately, not only do they fail to deliver a satisfactory return on investment, but they also pose the risk of reverting listings back to inaccurate data if you decide to discontinue their services. Consequently, they can become an expensive trap from which escaping is a challenging endeavor.

At WW Web Design Studios, we recognized the shortcomings of traditional API solutions and sought to provide a viable alternative for businesses. Our manual submission service, Citation Builder, has proven to be a successful choice for numerous enterprises. It offers a broader network of websites across various niches, granting you control over site selection without imposing recurring fees. Moreover, it comes at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional solutions. In fact, our team handled over 1.4 million site submissions for more than 72,000 locations last year alone, demonstrating the effectiveness and popularity of our approach.

Yet, we understand the allure of API solutions due to their speed and protection features. They enable quick and effortless updates while acting as the initial line of defense against external edits.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of local listings, we realized that the technology we provide needed to evolve as well. Hence, we are thrilled to introduce Active Sync, our very own API solution meticulously tailored to focus solely on the websites that truly matter to consumers.

What sets Active Sync apart is its compatibility with Citation Builder. By combining the speed and control of an API solution with the expansive reach and flexibility of a manual submission service, we offer you the best of both worlds. And the most remarkable aspect is that all of this comes at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional API solutions.

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