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Bot Traffic: The Good, The Bad, And Their Purpose

Bot Traffic: The Good, The Bad, and Their Purpose

If you are at all familiar with bot traffic, you may view it as something purely negative. In reality, bot traffic can be both negative and positive. While some bots are doing more harm than good, there are also bots that are positive for websites and online marketing. Essentially, bots are in place as part of non-human functions used to run automated tasks at a very high speed. We will take a look at the good bots, bad bots, and how blocking negative bot traffic can save you time and money toward the success of your marketing advertisements and Adwords.

Good Bots

Bots used to help you achieve relevant results in your online searches are usually good bots. Positive bot traffic is commonly the result of reputable sources, and can generally be trusted. These search engine bots are typical examples of acceptable bot traffic. Search engine bots can be helpful to many website owners and developers. They help list websites on highly used search engine sites, which is beneficial to website owners, especially those who get thousands of views and traffic each day. While these search engine bots can be helpful, it is important to know the difference between them and the much more harmful bots.

Bot Traffic: The Good, The Bad, And Their PurposeBad Bots

While there are many good uses for search engine bots, there seems to be an even greater amount of negative bot traffic. Bad bots are created to be misleading and pernicious. Basically, bad bots can take your content and circulate it somewhere else, taking away from your site and Adwords. This can be very harmful to website owners who rely on gaining views based on their own original content. These bots can seem very human-like, causing even greater deception in the online marketing world by raising the cost spent on Adwords as well as creating false leads on business sites, not to mention spam and an abundance of fraud. So how do you stop these bad bots?

Blocking bad bots can assist greatly in your daily marketing while ensuring that you are making the most of your time and money. When bots click on your Paid Ads they cause additional cost and disarray which generates poor ratings of your ad performance from major search engines. There are many tools online that can protect your Adwords budget from malicious clicks from bots and fraud providing filters to securely block these negative bots. Advanced tools can not only include IP address blocking but also recognize the device itself in case there is an alternating of the IP address. A greater understanding of bot traffic and how to manage it will greatly help the success of any website owner.

How We Can Help

When we design your website, we install advanced visitor tracking along with the ability to filter your bot traffic. In the case that we are advertising for your company through Adwords, we add an additional layer of click protection where our system will detect anomalies, record the IP address and block further traffic from costing you money in the long run. This advanced layer of protection is necessary as bot traffic and click fraud increases but be rest assured we have you covered.

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