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Small Business Traffic Growth Continues To Rise

Small businesses have been on the rise as the world returns to normal. The boom of small businesses means more competition locally, and business owners are looking to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and requiring their small business traffic to increase.

When you are a small business owner, you want to know how to efficiently use your money and resources to make the most profits possible. Here is what you should know about small search trends and what business owners are looking for today:

Trending Small Business Categories

A recent report by Semrush highlights that searches for opening a business has increased by 21% over the past four years. These searches generally occur during the start of the year (mainly from January to March). The research also shows that small business owners try incorporating the latest trends into their business plans to increase profits.

Not only this, many small businesses are online today, meaning they need to optimize every aspect. SEO can form a big component in a business’s marketing and advertising ventures, and many businesses look to capitalize on this.

Top Searches Around Small Businesses

The same report highlights what most small business owners today search about, which includes:

Small business loans
Small business grants
Small business administration
Small business ideas
How to start a small business

It can be clearly seen that many individuals today plan to start a small business that is both viable and simple for them. They want to learn how they can run a small business successfully without hiring too many employees all at once.

Searches About Marketing

Marketing a small business well is key to making it flourish, and many individuals are opting to go the digital route today for an easier experience. Searches for digital marketing services increased by a whopping 1,500%, and most of this growth was during the pandemic. Businesses have also become more interested in creating short videos, which grew by 420% over time.

Small videos have also garnered more attention on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, which is why many small businesses operate primarily through social media. An increase of about 600% was seen in searches for free text message marketing in 2022, compared to four years earlier in 2018.

Searches About Opening a Business

Many individuals are looking to open a small business like a boutique, where almost one-fifth of all searches were around opening a boutique. Vending machines were also gaining an edge, the second-most searched small business.
In half the states, coffee shops were also included in the top three most searched small business categories.

Looking to Make Your Small Business Traffic Stand Out Online? We Can Help

When you are interested in opening a small business, you want to ensure that it succeeds as soon as possible. Web & Internet Marketing Studios is here to help you achieve your design, market, and build your business from scratch. Let us help you build a plan that can cater to your aims and ensure you are on the road to success! Contact us at 888-790-5505 to get started today.

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