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Fully Managed Hosting Services & Solutions Explained

With hundreds of web hosts out there, the majority of which meet the WordPress minimum requirements is difficult to choose one from the crowd. WordPress works best when it’s in an appropriate hosting environment.

At WW Web Design Studios, we’ve dealt with more hosts than you can imagine. Our commitment to helping clients find a wholesome and hassle-free WordPress hosting environment has made us experts on the type of options to provide benefits to your business online.

These first two we do not provide as an option as they don’t offer the ability to protect your website for security, inconsistencies in website loading, and are difficult to troubleshoot when a problem arises.

Shared Hosting

As the name says, Shared Hosting shares one physical server and all its resources with thousands of other websites. For the server to handle thousands of websites, they must place “throttling” on resources like memory, input/output processes, and bandwidth.

Let’s suppose you own a cupboard, and all your stuff is in it. When it gets full, you will not have space to add more stuff. You now have to buy a new cupboard to put all the additional stuff.

That’s how shared hosting works. It is a single server that hosts thousands of websites. As ‘low cost’ is very unreliable due to low availability (uptime). Also, if one website is very fluent in traffic, other websites on the server will suffer due to the excessive and highly unfair allocation of resources. All this results in a loss in traffic and potential orders for your customers.

Lack of Security. Shared hosting servers have weak security because of delays in patching and updates. These gaps and loopholes allow hackers to easily gain access to the entire server. Once in, they can easily delete websites and databases.

Increased Downtime. Shared servers experience significantly higher instances of server-side errors, longer load times, and lack of resources. Now, if one website becomes popular and starts to get more traffic, the server (and all the hosted websites) crashes, leading to more downtime.

Higher Risk of Data Loss. Backups are difficult to automate in a shared hosting environment because, during upgrading a client’s website or adding a patch, the server admins can accidentally overwrite a website’s backup settings. If the incident goes unnoticed and there is a data loss event, there is no backup to restore the website.

VPS Hosting

The main difference between shared and VPS is a partition created on the server to give you dedicated resources for memory and processing power. This also means that the server will likely have fewer tenants, lowering the risk of security and downtime. Even though this is an upgrade to shared hosting, it does not offer you the ability to have server-side access to implement strong security for DOS attacks and Brute force attempts.

Dedicated Hosting

As a managed hosting company, we provide the following options to our clients for the best uptime, loading speeds, and security for your business online:

Managed Shared Dedicated. A managed shared dedicated server allows us to have the ability to control the server environment for security and to make sure the tenants on the server stay within the parameters of their hosting needs. This option is the most cost-effective as it allows you to have the benefits of a dedicated server without the high cost of maintaining your own dedicated server environment. We take care of all the technical options needed to ensure your website runs its best and has the number of resources it needs.

Managed Cloud Dedicated. Cloud Dedicated combines the processing power and resources of a traditional dedicated server with the instant provisioning and flexibility of the cloud. Bare metal cloud servers deliver the complete hardware transparency and scalability websites and applications demand. This is a step above the shared dedicated but will cap out at a six-core server. Our team will monitor your cloud dedicated account to making sure that you are staying within the parameters of your current resource limits.

Managed Dedicated. Dedicated servers allow the ability to have dedicated resources which are perfect for high traffic sites, large applications, or need the processing power and speed of up to 32 cores. This is a great option for enterprise companies or large e-commerce websites in which they need the speed and flexibility of having their server environment with the most processing power available on the market.

Besides the hosting environment itself, the ability to have a managed hosting can lift the weight off your shoulders from being responsible for your site security, code errors, and even minor edits to your website. These options can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to protecting your website and the investment you have made.

Do you need reliable hosting for your website?

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