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Using Psychology For Marketing Gains

Using Psychology For Marketing Gains

Psychology goes hand in hand with marketing on many levels. Perhaps you have never considered psychology as playing a role in marketing and online sales. For successful marketing, it is important to know how and why people make the decisions that they do. Being able to increase the level of interest and motivation in a person will help with personal marketing gains. From priming words to prompting, we will discuss how getting inside a person’s brain can greatly benefit your marketing game.


Motivation is a key factor in getting someone to want your product. Knowing the needs and desires of someone will boost interest and draw them in. Offers, specific AdWords, and discounts are ways to boost motivation. When those keywords and offers pop up in a search, it enhances the user’s likeliness to click on the link or product. When a user sees two similar ads, they will most likely be motivated or drawn to the one with more offers and discounts shown. But how do you get someone even interested in searching for your product or website?

Using Psychology For Marketing GainsPriming

What is priming? Priming is a subtle way to get someone to respond to your brand based on keywords that are familiar to them. It happens in the subconscious by triggering things in the brain that relate to what you want your viewers to see. This can be very useful for PPC marketing. Priming can be achieved by word association or even with sounds. For example, if I want to sell a certain brand of coffee to my customers (perhaps it’s called Coffee Classics), I may use advertising that displays that particular coffee while playing classical music in the background. So, whenever someone hears classical music, it will trigger something in their subconscious, pushing them to relate the sound with that certain type of coffee. That will boost their motivation to choose that specific brand of coffee.


Prompting is used to spark interest in the customer and help PPC marketing. This is achieved using high-quality products and a sense of individuality. These aspects trigger or prompt a customer to click on a brand, especially if it is seen as a hot commodity. Tweaking how you prompt a customer to click on your product will enhance views, sales, and overall interest in what you are trying to sell.

The psychological aspect of marketing can play a large role in achieving product and brand success. Using proper and useful motivation, exploring priming, and analyzing how to prompt customers goes hand in hand with the way someone thinks, thus improving your overall approach to your marketing. Success can further be achieved by exploring psychological behavior and allowing it to play a part in your marketing strategy.

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