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Use Competitor Keywords To Improve Your Digital Strategy

Use Competitor Keywords to Improve Your Digital Strategy

Any industry today is highly competitive, and you need to do your best to ensure that your business stands out. Whether through better visibility, marketing, or design, you need to do whatever possible to ensure your competitors can’t gain an edge over you.

When looking to improve your digital strategy, nothing is as efficient as getting a hold of your competitor’s web strategy and keywords. Here is how you can improve your digital strategy by taking a cue from your competitors:

What Are Competitor Keywords?
If you don’t know what competitor keywords are, then you are missing a crucial component in framing your digital strategy. A keyword is a word that users can use to search quickly on the Internet and find results. The content on your website and how often keywords are being mentioned can determine your ranking on search engine ranking pages (SERPs).
Competitor keywords, on the other hand, are keywords that your competitors are currently utilizing to improve their SERPs rankings and generate more user visits to their websites.

How Can You Find Them Out?
When you target a competitor’s keywords, you can potentially poach their users and redirect them to your website. However, finding out the keywords that your competitor is using isn’t exactly a piece of cake. You will need to finish your website and company’s keyword research before you start looking for your competitors’.

Once you’ve found your competitors, you must research how they appear on search engines. Keywords they are using may be similar or exactly the same as yours, and comparing the rankings is crucial to know who’s doing better. When you’ve gathered competitor keywords (there are programs available for this, too), you can export the keywords and organize them.

Optimizing Your Website
Once you have exported the results to an Excel sheet or something similar, you can see the competition of various keywords. Higher competition keywords will be harder to rank for, as many businesses may be competing for them. You may want to consider giving them up for now, as it might be more profitable to go after keywords that aren’t so highly used.

You can also cross-check the keywords and remove the ones that don’t apply to your business. Take out keywords with high domain and rank authority, as these will make a real difference to your website’s visibility.

Ensuring Natural Usage
Since you’ve already taken out keywords that don’t make sense for your business, you will be left with keywords that rank favorably but aren’t too competitive. They have good results on SERPs, and you can use this to your advantage.

However, the last thing you want to do is to alert search engine crawlers that you are ‘keyword stuffing’, and ensuring that the keywords are used naturally is key to preventing this.

Looking to Make Your Business Stand Out More? We Can Help
Ranking for competitor keywords is tough, and you need an ironclad strategy to help you do better than them. When you’re ready to take your marketing and design to the next level, WW Web & Internet Marketing Studios is ready to help you. Our creative thinking and tested marketing plans will get your business the visibility it deserves. Contact us at (888) 790-5505 to know more.

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