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YEXT Local SEO Marketing

Take control of your Local SEO and synchronize your business across 150+ digital services.


Google. Google Maps. Amazon Alexa. Apple Maps. Facebook. Bing. Yahoo. Yelp. It doesn’t matter which map, app, voice assistant, search engine, GPS system, or social network consumers use to find and engage with your business. What matters is that they discover accurate, complete, and compelling information at every turn.


With Yext Listings, you have direct integrations with publisher partners to ensure that the data you store in your Knowledge Graph is accurate everywhere consumers search.


Yext’s patented Duplicate Suppression process finds and suppresses duplicate listings at the publisher-level, so consumers never see or hear incorrect data about your business.


There are a vast number of business circumstances that demand "day & date," real-time updates in order to keep customers informed updated in many cases within seconds.


The minute you go live with Yext Listings, we automatically scan, locate, and claim your existing business listings on services in the Knowledge Network keeping it in sync always.


View how often your listings appear in search, how many people click from those search results to learn more, the terms for which your locations appears to consumers, and much more.


Once Yext has matched, claimed, and locked your listings from being updated by any source other than you, our proprietary Dual-Sync™ integrations keep you in control at all times.

The end results is nothing but spectacular!

The staff of (developers and designers) are easy to work with and I really enjoy our collaborations. Everything they do is very strategic and calculated.

Dallas Y.

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We have witnessed a massive shift in the platforms consumers use to find and engage with information about your business. Simple links and organic results are now replaced by intelligent answers in maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks.

These AI-powered services have created an entirely new channel where customers can engage with your business – and it’s now the biggest channel in use by consumers.

3 out of 4 consumers are going to utilize 3rd-party platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp, rather than your website, to find and look up your business information. A business listing with all fields completed across these platforms receives on average: 347% more searches, 214% more Yelp page views and 416% more listing views. That’s about 2.7x the exposure, and Yext can ensure you get it.

Your business information is being viewed mostly via 3rd-party platforms. The more complete this information is across those platforms, the greater your exposure and chance of conversion. With Yext, when you update your business information once, it’s updated everywhere, instantly. Are you in control of the 3rd-party information the vast majority of your customers are engaging with?

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Yext can publish, sync and update your business listings across over 100 platforms from one place, instantly, but that’s just the beginning of the platform’s value. In addition to its powerful business listing information management, Yext can also:

Generate, publish, monitor and respond to reviews across various platforms.
Push business information to aggregators who publish it to thousands of directories.
Enrich your website with schema which is directly interpreted more thoroughly by search engines like Google.
Provide detailed analytics about how your customers are engaging with your business information across platforms.
Compare your business listing information and performance to your competitors.


Right off the bat, we like Yext’s Location Cloud platform because it offers centralized control of data. From one screen, you can supply up to 50 fields of info — such as address, phone, holiday hours, product or menu lists, location-specific offers, etc. — that will be consistently populated out to your Facebook, Yelp, Google, Bing, etc., profiles. Your customers will have access to up-to-date data and correct data that doesn’t have a chance to contradict itself.

Yext’s Listings tool has established integrations with, at last count, 138 global publishers in its PowerListings Network. That means your business info can be found everywhere from Foursquare to YellowPages.com, if necessary. We like that brands and marketers can lock down ownership over a listing, schedule convenient info updates for special offers or store hours, and handle synchronization and duplicate issues. It gives businesses a great opportunity to market on all the platforms and services your customers are on, and to have the information presented be correct and consistent.

We know Yext to be a foundational toolset for exposure and knowledge management for nearly every kind of business. A well-exposed and managed business is a much more successful business that has budget to continue growing – and business growth is kind of our thing.

It also makes it a no-brainer for businesses already using Yext to allow us to help properly manage the services and ensure they’re getting maximum value out of them, very similar to how we charge to manage pay-per-click ads (PPC).

Our clients’ success from marketing with us, in part due to Yext’s offerings, have led to more growth opportunities and have strengthened the understanding for and willingness to consider additional digital marketing solutions to further encourage growth exploration.

Yext also naturally integrates into other services we offer like website design, SEO services and PPC management. It’s not very expensive to begin with, and so we’re happy to just provide it as part of our recommended packages or ‘a la carte’.

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