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    Category Archives: Internet Marketing

    Using Psychology For Marketing Gains

    Posted by:Walter Keener

    Psychology goes hand in hand with marketing on many levels. Perhaps you have never considered psychology as playing a role in marketing and online sales. For successful marketing, it is important to know how and why people make the decisions that they do. Being able to increase the level of interest and motivation in a...

    Bot Traffic: The Good, The Bad, and Their Purpose

    Posted by:Walter Keener

    If you are at all familiar with bot traffic, you may view it as something purely negative. In reality, bot traffic can be both negative and positive. While some bots are doing more harm than good, there are also bots that are positive for websites and online marketing. Essentially, bots are in place as part...

    Do I Really Need To Market My Website?

    Posted by:Walter Keener

    Usually, small to mid-sized businesses have a limited marketing budget and may be apprehensive about budgeting for hiring a digital marketing company on a monthly basis. However, once a website designer crafted a modern website, it is not enough to remain competitive in up to date market. Here’s what you need to know. If You Build...

    Basic Steps to Building Your Business Online

    Posted by:Walter Keener

    Are you considering building your business online and don't know how to start it? When it comes to online business, it does not require any less effort than pursuing entrepreneurship in the offline world. Moreover, before you see any results, you will have to go through a whole process, but starting with this 7 simple...

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